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You are visiting Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore
Photo Butterfly Garden by Insect Lore
ProductButterfly Garden by Insect Lore
DescriptionRaise 5 Painted Lady butterflies while learning all about metamorphosis with this award-winning Butterfly Garden! See each caterpillar transition as it matures, change into a chrysalis, and finally emerge as a Painted Lady butterfly. After observing your butterflies, experience the joy of releasing them into your backyard!
Garden includes colorful habitat
A pre-paid mail-in certificate for 5 butterfly larvae with special food Complete instructions
Three butterflies are guaranteed to be perfect specimens
Please allow approximately 3 weeks for your larvae to develop
During extremely hot or cold weather, delivery of live larvae may be delayed
Available only in the Continental U.S. and Alaska
Ages 4 & up

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